Our Maintenance Services

Since 2023, CEAR has integrated Rancan Elettrotecnica, a national benchmark for analysis, maintenance, repair, and balancing services for electric motors.

For our team, the repair of electric motors doesn’t start when we receive the machine, but when you call to inform us about an inefficiency to be eliminated. Therefore, the first step will be to ask you what the detected fault is and if it occurred under a particular operating condition. Such information is essential for performing a repair that can resolve the machine downtime and prevent its recurrence.

The same attention is then applied during the disassembly of the machine, especially during the electrical and mechanical inspections: our experience, translated into a series of specific tests for each type of machine, ensures that no aspect of the fault escapes analysis. The manner in which the fault occurs is indicative of its cause, providing precise indications on the measures to be adopted for guaranteed operation.

Often, for specific needs (humid environments, high-temperature environments, inverter power supply, etc.), the repair is adapted to equip the electric machine with the necessary electrical and mechanical measures that make it more reliable.

Instrumental predictive analysis, performed during functional restart, also uncovers other system inefficiencies that affect the proper functioning of the electric motor (imbalance of other rotating components, misalignment, resonant structure, power inverter malfunction, etc.).


Thermographic Analysis

Thanks to predictive thermographic analysis, the risk of production stoppage

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Shaft Remetalling

Fan balancing and alignment: how to perform it effectively while

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Balancing Rotating Machines

Most of the vehicles get damaged just because of maintenance

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Electrical Windings

Execution of electrical windings for rotating machines, specific to type:

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Machine Alignment

Thanks to machine alignment, we identify any shaft misalignments, minimizing

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Fan Balancing

Bilanciatura ventilatori ed equilibratura: come eseguirla efficacemente risparmiando risorse.

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    Work Phases

  1. Preliminary Electrical and Mechanical Inspection
  2. Complete Disassembly
  3. Cleaning and Inspection of All Mechanical Parts (bearing housing, commutator housing, etc.)
  4. Cleaning Windings through blowing and repeated washing with hot water and detergent
  5. Cleaning and Inspecting Brush Holders
  6. Drying in a Controlled Temperature Ventilated Oven
  7. Electrical Tests on Windings
  8. Dismantling and Rebuilding Rotor and Stator Windings (standard, for high operating temperatures, for motors powered by inverters or soft starters)
  9. Impregnation of Windings in Autoclave (vacuum technique)
  10. Drying Windings in a Controlled Temperature Ventilated Oven
  11. Tropicalization of Windings with insulating enamel
  12. Commutator and Ring Grinding
  13. Commutator Segmentation
  14. Rotor Balancing
  15. Supply of Spare Parts
  16. Remetalization of Worn Mechanical Parts (bearing housing, coupling housing, mechanical seal housing, etc.)
  17. Assembly of the Electric Machine
  18. Functional No-Load Testing (load testing at our customers’ premises for rotating electric machine manufacturers)
  19. Finishing
  20. Final Coloring



The Sectors We Work With

    1. Foundry, Steel, and Metal Forging Industry (steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.)
    2. Paper Industry
    3. Plastics Industry
    4. Cable and Electrical Wire Production Industry
    5. Chemical Industry
    6. Terracotta and Concrete Manufacturing Industry
    7. Building Materials Extraction and Processing Industry (marble, granite)
    8. Textile Industry
    9. Wood Industry
    10. Food Industry
    11. Printing Industry
    12. Packaging Industry
    13. Leather and Tanning Industry
    14. Industrial Plant Maintenance Companies
    15. Industrial Plant Installation Companies
    16. Electric Power Generation Plants
    17. Water Pumping Stations
    18. Water Treatment Plants
    19. Material and People Lifting Systems

      Our extensive experience and diverse product range ensure that we can meet the needs of clients across these and many other industries.

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