Remetalling of Worn Mechanical Shafts

The remetalling of shafts performed by CEAR technicians allows you to maintain the performance of your electric motor, starting from the bearing seats, couplings or pulleys, mechanical seals, impeller or turbine seats, fans, and other essential parts of your motor. With our Castolin Castodyn DS 8000 equipment, it is no longer necessary to replace the shaft; instead, we can economically remetallize only the worn parts.

rimetallizzazione degli alberi rotanti presso cear

Remetalling using thermal spray technology addresses the issue of having to chrome-plate the shaft before subsequent grinding. Only the material deposition treatment is performed, in the form of sprayed powders: in this way, the projected particles undergo instantaneous fusion. The raw deposit can be easily turned, achieving a surface finish equivalent to grinding.

Depending on whether the thermal treatment may deform the shaft, the remetalling operation can be performed with either low or high thermal input.

The resulting final coating is of high quality, compactness, and adhesion.

The CASTODYN DS 8000 metallization system can spray any type of alloy resistant to wear, abrasion, corrosion, oxidation, high-pressure friction, as well as ceramic alloys. Additionally, it provides an excellent insulating barrier against the passage of stray currents (an increasingly common problem in AC motors powered by inverters).

possibilità di rimetallizzare le sole parti usurate dell'albero
manutenzione motori elettrici partendo dalla rimetallizzazione
attrezzatura d'avanguardia per la rimetallizzazione degli alberi