DC motors ( Direct Current motors )

The direct current motor is still the first choice in various industrial sectors due to its compactness, reliability, and excellent price-performance ratio. 

Its high efficiency, high dynamic performance, and wide range of speed variation available while maintaining load or applied overload make the direct current motor an essential component in modern industrial plants.

Our production focuses on motors for industrial applications ranging from 1 to 2300 kW, with a weight that can vary from 40 to 10,000 kg. 

In addition to the standard square series motors, CERA also manufactures custom motors for specific requests, from traction motors to shipboard generators.


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Since 2023, CEAR has complemented its production with a team of experts dedicated entirely to the repair, maintenance, and monitoring of electric motors, utilizing advanced systems for vibrational and predictive analysis.


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Electrical Windings

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Thermographic Analysis

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Fan Balancing

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