Flexibility, reliability and energy savings

For over 50 years, CEAR has been the benchmark brand for the production of DC motors across all industrial sectors worldwide.

Our production consists of motors with power ranging from 1 to 2300 kW, rated at 1000 rpm, made with fully laminated stator and rotor magnetic circuits, designed, manufactured, and tested according to CE standards.


Why Choose a CEAR DC Motor


Choosing direct current is a rational decision based on cost and reliability. A comprehensive economic comparison, considering initial investments and lifecycle costs, favors direct current for many traditional applications.

Ease of Use

DC motors are extremely easy to use and control due to the linear relationship between voltage and speed. Modern digital AC/DC converter technology further simplifies the implementation and optimization of plant performance.


DC motors and static converters offer high reliability. A well-structured maintenance program ensures consistent operation and long-term availability, contributing to the extended lifespan of the motor.

cear motori a corrente continua

Speed Regulation

The ease of adjusting speed while maintaining constant torque or power makes DC systems preferable in applications requiring precision, overloads, rapid acceleration, or constant power operation.

Compact Design

DC motors with laminated frames offer a high power-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for integration into machinery. The modular construction allows efficient placement even in limited spaces, significantly reducing the footprint compared to inverters.

Low Environmental Impact

DC technology ensures quiet operation and a reduced environmental impact due to low switching frequency. Compliance with environmental directives simplifies CE marking procedures.

For all these reasons, choosing DC motors from Cear Motors means embracing numerous technical and construction advantages without compromising on ecology and reliability.

A winning option for your industrial needs.